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24/02/01 . author unknown . Reuters . Paris  
Protesters Hurl Stink Bombs at Paris McDonalds  
Activists said they hurled stink bombs at some 20 McDonalds restaurants in Paris on Saturday then took part in a demonstration against what they called the "nauseous practices" of fast-food giants.  

Police said hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of the capital's Latin Quarter near Notre Dame cathedral on Saturday morning. French anti-globalization group AARRG! (Apprentice Agitators for a Global Network of Resistance) said the protests against McDonalds and other fast-food groups including Pizza Hut, were sparked by the recent sacking of several McDonalds workers in Paris.

"We condemn the fast-food practices, the lack of job security, a hellish working speed, and ridiculous wages," a spokesman for the group said.

The protesters included anti-globalization supporters, students, employees of the restaurants -- some of whom were temporarily striking -- and unions representing the workers, he added.  
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