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10/04/03 . n/a . The Economist . n/a  
Did somebody say a loss?  

Charges of selling food unfit for consumption will again have the Argentine Ronald McDonald tearing his bright red hair out. In June public prosecutors raided several McDonalds outlets in La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires province, after a couple claimed that their son's death was due to food poisoning from a hamburger. The investigators seized samples for testing and demanded that McDonalds hand over security videos that might prove the child did indeed eat there.

The company denies the charges, but is unlikely to get the benefit of the doubt. In January, the Buenos Aires city council fined McDonalds 100,000 pesos ($35,000) after detecting potentially dangerous bacteria in a portion of Chicken McNuggets. And in 2001 the council imposed a 400,000-peso fine (then $400,000) after finding the same bacteria in the same product.  
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