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06/21/01 . Bill McDowell . . International  
Ukraine Bans McDonald's Russian Beef  
Fears over possible bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, has reportedly led Ukraine's Agriculture Ministry to issue an indefinite ban of beef imports from a Russian processing plant owned by McDonald's Corp.  

According to a Reuters news report, Petro Verbytsky, head of the ministry's veterinary department, said the ban would take effect immediately. Ukraine reportedly imports about 70 tons of beef products from Russia a month.

"The ban is due to the fact that McDonald's plant in Russia is processing meat from countries where a danger of mad cow disease and other dangerous infections exists," Verbytsky told Reuters.

Verbytsky said authorities were specifically concerned about beef from Belgium and The Netherlands. He added that the ban could be eased if there were reassurances that no beef from those countries was being processed in the plant.

A local McDonald's spokesman said the fast-food chain had not yet received any official notification, but insisted that McDonald's was not importing any product from countries banned by Ukrainian authorities.  
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