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11/06/01 . Yahoo! . Yahoo! . USA  
Cashless and hungry  
SpeedPass has nothing to do with drugs and rockn roll. It is a rather clever solution developed by Exxon Mobil Corp. enabling customers to make wireless payments on Mobil petrol stations. The SpeedPass is a small barrel-shaped radio transponder, which makes the transaction when in connection with a reader.  

No set standard McDonalds is following examples of their competitors like Pizza Hut and Taco Bell when they have chosen to test out a sort of wireless payment solution. The US telecom networks are many and diverse, so mobile payments could be hard to carry out in this environment. That is why mighty McDonalds chose another wireless way to let people shop their burgers.

Eager consumers Wireless payment could be a "killer app" in food chain companies and McDonalds is ready to make their contribution. Its clear that cashless payments are something our customers are very interested in, McDonalds spokeswoman Lisa Howard told Reuters.

Mobiles will sack transponders The transponder technology is very practical for areas that do not have a standard for mobile systems like the GSM. Transponders were first developed in order to avoid queuing at toll plazas. However, one mobile standard (with sub versions) is certainly on the way with 3G and pure m-commerce might just make transponders redundant in the near future.  
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