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23/10/03 . Jennifer Whitehead . Yahoo News . USA  
McDonald's Settles Lawsuit by 420lb Man  
McDonald's has settled a lawsuit filed by a 420-pound man who claimed he was denied a job because of his weight.  

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Joseph Connor claimed in his lawsuit that the fast-food chain violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and state employment law. He demanded $300,000 for financial loss and severe emotional trauma, along with a job at McDonald's.

Connor's attorney, Gary Phelan, said Connor does not have a job with the chain, but beyond that he would not discuss the settlement.

"This matter has been resolved amicably, and without further litigation," Phelan said.

McDonald's issued a similar statement.

Connor had been offered a $6.75 an hour job as cook after attending a job fair in 2000, according to court documents.

However, over ensuing weeks, Connor claimed that after arrangements were made for him to get a uniform, he never got a call from management again.  
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