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P R E S S . R E L E A S E . 28/02/01
PETA's Month of Action Campaign Against BURGER KING  
PETA has launched an international campaign following Burger King's refusal to take even minimal steps to ensure that its suppliers do not skin and dismember conscious animals, starve hens for up to two weeks to force them to produce more eggs, or cut off the beaks of baby chicks with a hot blade.

"Burger King's suppliers could be skinning and dismembering every single animal while still conscious, kicking and screaming, and yet the company does not agree that it should stop buying from such suppliers," says PETA Vegan Campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich. "Unlike its chief competitor, McDonald's, Burger King uses suppliers that slice birds' beaks off with a hot blade and starve birds for up to 14 days to shock their bodies into another egg-laying cycle."

PETA tried negotiating with Burger King for three months to no avail. It wants Burger King to at least commit to the minimum animal welfare standards recently adopted by its chief competitor, McDonald's. In September, PETA suspended its 11-month campaign against McDonald's after the fast-food chain announced that it will conduct unannounced audits of its slaughterhouses and stop purchasing from suppliers that fail the audits, increase the amount of living space for laying hens on factory farms, stop chopping the beaks off laying hens, and prohibit force-molting (starving chickens to force them to produce more eggs).

There will be demonstrations throughout March in more than a dozen countries, hundreds of cities, and every U.S. state. For more details about PETA's campaign and to see video footage, please visit Murder King.

For the latest Burger King campaign updates, be sure to check out PETA's Web site.

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