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McLibel Support Campaign
P R E S S . R E L E A S E . 01/12/02
Blue Mountains Urgent 'SOS' to the World  
Many activists will know of our successful struggle to keep fast food chains out of the Upper Blue Mountains. Over the years there have been several attempts by McDonald’s to gain a foothold in our World Heritage-listed region. Through letters, petitions and submissions, thousands of residents here have said “no” to fast food chains. A vocal and active community has till now, kept them at bay, making us one of the LAST PLACES IN THIS COUNTRY (AND INDEED THE WORLD?) where fast food chains have yet to proliferate.

Unfortunately, Blue Mountains City Council’s Draft Local Environmental Plan (2002) currently on exhibition and available for public comment UNTIL 13 December is PRO FAST FOOD OUTLETS, allowing PROPRIETARY FOOD OUTLETS (eg McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC) within KATOOMBA and SPRINGWOOD shopping precincts. Katoomba particularly is the heart of our local , vibrant café culture a haven for locals and tourists alike. The Local Environmental Plan is a LEGAL DOCUMENT and our ONLY WAY to put in place protective measures for our region, yet has failed to address residents’ concerns. With your help, through hundreds, even thousands of people objecting and suggesting necessary changes, we will FINALLY HAVE IN PLACE SOME PROTECTION FOR OUR REGION FROM FAST FOOD CHAINS - GREAT FOR US , AN INSPIRATION AND INCENTIVE TO ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES ! As it is, and our community would NOT BE ABLE TO FIGHT OFF ANY FURTHER APPLICATIONS BY FAST FOOD CHAINS.

WE ARE CALLING UPON ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS OF THE WORLD to let Blue Mountains City Council know the EYES OF THE WORLD are on this region, watching the outcome of this public response process .

World Heritage sites are of importance to ALL PEOPLES and because of this we ask you to email Blue Mountains City Council on (and please forward a copy to Mountains against McDonald’s as well stating the following:-

1. As a world citizen you are responding to the Draft Local Environmental Plan (2002) and wish to OBJECT to the provision in the DLEP (2002) for “PROPRIETARY FOOD OUTLETS”, requesting its removal, in order to develop policy prohibiting their FURTHER EXPANSION in the Blue Mountains region.

2. Provision in the DLEP (2002) for PROPRIETARY FOOD OUTLETS WOULD:

(a) Detract from the distinctive qualities of towns and villages in the Blue Mountains (b) Have a negative impact upon local cuisine and café culture (c) Result in more litter problems, with copious amounts of ADDITIONAL LITTER ending up in World Heritage National Park

(d) Conflict with cultural tourism, which is SUSTAINABLE TOURISM

Don’t forget that the closing date for responses in 13 December!

Thank you in advance! With YOUR HELP, we can break the cycle of homogenized fast food chains destroying local communities and local economies. GLOBALLY, in supporting /strengthening local cuisine and café culture, we can provide an alternative to standardized food, with destroys agricultural and biological diversity.

Yours sincerely

Anne Elliott
PO Box 280
Katoomba NSW 2780
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