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McLibel Support Campaign
P R E S S . R E L E A S E . 02/03/02
McLibel Defendant Trip To North America - radio interview  
On Saturday March 2nd, 09.35am, Central US time, (15.35pm UK time) McLibel Defendant Dave Morris will be doing a live, continuous radio interview, maybe 25mins, for broadcast live in Chicago on WNUR 89.3 FM, Northwestern University radio, and live on the web via the website at  
Dave Morris has been invited over to North America for a number of events and talks in March. This is his Schedule, as currently planned.

Friday 8th March CHICAGO
Info on Chicago events: Mike - 312-682-2821 voice/pager.
- 7pm: Video & Potluck At the A-Zone [2129 N. Milwaukee, Cgo]
- 8pm: Presentation/Discussion - Fighting McDonalds & Globalization At the A-Zone.

Saturday 9th March CHICAGO
- Noon: McProtest at Rock-n-Roll McDonalds (Clark St & Ontario St).
- 1pm: McTour of stores and McDonalds World HQ.

Sunday 10th March WINNIPEG
- Evening: Attend movie showing by Winnipeg Vegetarian Association.

Monday 11th March WINNIPEG
- Noon: Speaking event at the University of Winnipeg organized by the UWSA.
- 6pm: Mondragon centre will be hosting an anti-McDonalds dinner
- 7.30pm-ish: Speaking event at Mondragon.

Thursday 14th March HOUSTON
Info on Houston events: 713 528 1817 (Irish Unity Committee)
- Noon: Lecture 'The McLibel Case: Beating The Fat Cats In The Courtroom.'
At Thurgood Marshall School of Law: Room 105, Texas Southern University (Corner of Wheeler and Sampson)

Friday 15th March HOUSTON
- 7pm: Reception / pot-luck dinner At: 603 Welch, Houston (Montrose area)

Saturday 16th March HOUSTON
- Noon: Press conference and leafletting in front of McDonald's (1302 Westheimer - Montrose area).
- 7pm: main lecture at University Center, Cougar Den, University of Houston
'Taking On McWorld: Fighting The Effects of the Fast Food Industry In Our Communities'.

Sunday 17th March WINNIPEG
- Possible Winnipeg event late afternoon/evening

Full and final Schedule to be circulated soon.  
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