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McLibel Support Campaign
P R E S S . R E L E A S E . 02/12/03
New anti-McDonalds demos every Thursday - Leicester Square, Central London- 5.30pm - 8pm  
For world Anti-McDonalds Day (Thursday, 16 October) a mixed group of animal rights and anti-capitalist/globalisation protesters gathered outside McDeath in Leicester Square.  
A large McExploitation banner was unrolled, clearly displaying to the public exactly what Ronald McDonald stands for. Over a thousand McLibel leaflets were distributed to the public, many of whom were in complete support of our action, claiming they would never set foot under those golden arches. It soon became obvious through the course of the evening how much McDonalds is despised by the wider population and it is no surprise when you consider the crap food they sell and promote to children, their exploitation of workers, lack of consideration towards the environment and massive contribution towards the misery of millions of animals every year.

The evening finished off with the a group of activists entering the store, banner and all, loudly alerting customers of the truth behind the world's most widely known fast-food chain. Many more leaflets were distributed directly to the paying customers before activists left the store, leaving the management team and a bemused community support officer arguing over our presence.

It was thought to be a shame to leave the successes of the annual day of action behind us and therefore activists have decided to make it a regular event. Please come along, help swell the numbers and ensure that McDonalds know we haven't forgotten them.

Demonstrations will take place every Thursday from 5.30 until 8pm outside McDonalds Leicester Square. Please come and bring leaflets, banners, noise, friends and energy.

NOTE: Thursday 18th December 2003 will be the last demo before x-mas.
Regular demos will start up again Thursday 8th January 2004
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McLibel Support Campaign
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