24th February - 1st March 1996

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McDonald's scuppers German TV items on McLibel Trial

  • The McLibel Support Campaign received reliable information this week that McDonald's has used its corporate might and 'good business connections' to prevent coverage of the case.

    "It is our understanding that McDonald's has used its influence and power to ensure that two different television pieces on the trial which were due to be broadcast on German TV will not be shown. The items were going to be shown on Spiegel TV (RTL Channel) and Pro7," said an MSC statement.

    Tuesday 20 February, The Australian (Australia)

    Saturday 24 February, Freedom (UK)

    Saturday 24 February, Guardian (UK)

    Tuesday 27 February, Daily Telegraph (UK)

    Tuesday 27 February, Annalivia FM (Dublin City and County, Ireland)

    Wednesday 28 February, Istoé (Brazil)

    HQ magazine, March/April issue (Australia)

    Peace News, March 1996 (International)

    Green World, March 1996 (UK)

    New Statesman and Society, 1 March 1996 (UK)

    Vegetarian Voice, Spring 1996 (USA)

    Global Web Builders Web site, March 1996

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