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A fable for Barry

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on November 12, 1999 at 13:47:39:

There was a party once named Peace and Freedom. They garnered no more than 3% of teh vote., Some among them became discouraged. But others had an idea.

The party leader issued a directive. "Each of you," he said, "Take someone you knwo and devote this year to showing him why socialism is the best alternative."

Obviously, not everyone fulfilled teh directive. But it began to have effects. No mroe than 25% of the party members had the time to do this. But by the next year, these 25% had each converted someone to the way.

Workers converted their coworkers and soemtimes even their bosses. Priests convinced drug addicts off the streets. Motehrs convinced their teenage kids. Students convinced their best friends. Soldiers convinced tehir commanders. Grape pickers converted everyone on teh farm.

And by the end of teh year there were 25% more socialists.
But it didn't stop there. A quuarter of tehse new converts took the time to convince THEIR friends, neighbors and coworkers of the value of communism.

This continued year after year, growing according to teh law of exponential growth. In a mere 10 years, 23% of the California vote went to Peace and Freedom!

And because the members were committed and devoted, as oppsed to so many other politicians, tehri representatives got measures passed and formed a powerful bloc in the state legislature. at teh same time, strikes and rallies launched by teh party increasingly made teh state ungovernable. At long alst, teh Peace and Freedom party went to teh people of California.

'This is teh fruits that teh capitalist system has brought you". they said.

And teh people believed them.

That year tehir vote share increased to 30%. They beat the Reublicans, teh democrats, and teh reform Party. And they were masters of America's biggest state at last.

Just a fable....but we can hope.

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