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'Crematoria' ain't subtle

Posted by: Stoller on November 15, 1999 at 21:35:23:

In Reply to: I dont recall quoting him ad infinitum or constantly refering back to his views. posted by Lark on November 15, 1999 at 14:53:18:

: I think Chomsky was implying that Skinners view that people could all be made happy if suttle manipulation was employed...

Did you say SUBTLE? Here's Chomsky's words on the topic of behaviorism:

Unwanted behavior will be eliminated from the start by the threat of the crematoria and the all-seeing spies.(1)

You'd call THAT subtle?

: [Y]ou have to have a perspective but [does it] has it to be eliteism and political sectarianism and dogma or doctrine?

Ooh, those names! Chomsky has taught you attack technique well...

: I have read state and revolution and I disagree with many of Lenin's conclusions, for instance, when he says that the peasantry or workers cant conduct the affairs of state or the economy without interfere...

Eh? Remember the part about leaders being 'subject to recall at any time'?

: ...this is more or less his opinion, he has no facts or figures.

Well, you'll recall his extensive analysis of the Paris Commune of 1871...

: The entire books is more or less a reflection of the fact that here was a man who no longer, dispite all his conspiratorial activities in vanguards, didnt believe a revolution was possible, at least not in Russia, then it happens spontaneously with nothing much more than trade union consciousness as a catalyst now he has to integrate this into his theories because he cant possibly be wrong.

That first revolution was a bourgeois revolution! And that's all trade-union consciousness CAN produce.

: Then it is very clear that Lenin is a statist and a simple bureaucrat...

Are you kidding?

Ever read his 'Once Again on the Trade Unions,' 'Better Fewer But Better,' etc., etc. To call Lenin a supporter of bureaucracy is LUDICROUS!

: ...in love with the idea of planning because he is more concerned with this than the destruction of the state.

Ahem? Do you remember the MILLION references to 'smashing the state' in The State and Revolution?

Are you SURE you read The State and Revolution, Lark?


1. Chomsky, 'Psychology and Ideology,' The Chomsky Reader, Pantheon 1987, p. 178.

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