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Posted by: Stoller on November 24, 1999 at 23:27:03:

In Reply to: No thank you, I've had my fill. posted by Dr. Cruel on November 24, 1999 at 00:44:35:

Stoller: Your ignorance of Lenin is matched only by...your ignorance.

DC: Amusing insight from you, Mr. Stoller. Thank you for that vote of confidence; I must be hitting close to home.

Wallow in it.

: : Lenin proclaimed the program of revolutionary defeatism the MINUTE the war started.

: This did not stop him from engaging his forces in quick border fights on occasion (to strengthen his negotiating position)...

The Bolsheviks had NO strength to 'neogotiate' ANYTHING with the Germans.

: ...or from invading Poland in a program to link up with the Sparticus uprising in Germany.

Why wouldn't the Bolsheviks support a Polish revolution? They made no secret their urgent need for a European revolution to assist them.

: This 'rhetoric' was invoked to explain away the terrible deal that Lenin negotiated with his German sponsors.

Not that old song and dance again!

Let's see you SUBSTANTIATE that claim (with anything other than unpublished Ayn Rand manuscripts...)

: The idea was that they'd get the lost territory back, once the Revolution was successful and the German government was in a post-war collapse. Very sensible, in a Machiavellian sort of way.

Well---it worked. Lenin's tactic of revolutionary defeatism was validated.

But doesn't THAT REALITY rather collapse your idiotic claim that the Bolsheviks were 'sponsered' by the German ruling class?

: The NEP, in the sense of experimenting with loosening restrictions on ownership and trade, ended in 1921. Certainly, the resulting private ownership allowed in NEP continued well into the 1920's, right up to the Stalinist purge of the kulaks (his way of 'ending' NEP).

Your second sentence contradicts your first.

: In this forced taking and judicious killing, Stalin was actually being true to Marxism and Bolshevism...


Read Engels' The Peasant Question (brief summary here).

Then read Lenin's 'Speech Delivered at the First Congress of Agricultural Communes and Agricultural Artels, December 4, 1919' (Selected Works, International 1975, p. 252) to see that he OUTLAWED 'stupid attempts...to drive the peasants into the communes by force.'

Hence the N.E.P.

: P.S. Don't forget Lenin's use of "terror". Terribly useful to the Revolution, according to this clever little fellow. Care to comment?

Since the bourgeoisie (and their ideological boot-lickers) won't give up their monopolistic privileges by being confronted with REASON or ETHICS or LEGISLATIVE REFORMS, the working class will have to confront them with FORCE.

Just like the bourgeoisie did to the monarchy in 1776.

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