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Yet one more time...

Posted by: Stoller on November 30, 1999 at 10:30:41:

In Reply to: keep the faith posted by Gee on November 29, 1999 at 14:39:53:

: : Omitting that the 100 workers would ALSO own a 1% stake / vote in EVERY OTHER CONCERN in society, perhaps 99 other concerns (= 100% stake).

: So what? So what exactly? That stake is meaningless in their real lives - where they report to a shapeless mass as boss.

Can't shake your libertarian resentment towards the interconnectedness of society, can you?

When you drive on the highway you have a VERY real stake wrapped up with that 'shapeless mass as boss,' do you not?

Isn't EVERYBODY'S safety also YOUR safety?

Or do you just do whatever YOU want because you resent having to acknowledge the existence of others? Even on the highway?

: : What the above statement posits is something to the effect of: a brain surgeon spends EVERY WAKING MINUTE...

: Brain surgeons do spend many hours every day thinking and doing brain surgery - for many years. Thats how they learn to do surgery well enough to have a go with real peoples brains. Its a career that takes many straight years, more or less uninterupted.

I just went over this with SDF in a post called 'one more time for the hearing impared.' Please see that.

I do not suggest that---in the socialist future---people will do a ZILLION jobs; I only advocate (like the Bolsheviks) that each person should do physical work, specialized work (of one type), and rotate positions within state administration.

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