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Posted by: Gee ( si ) on November 29, 1999 at 14:39:53:

In Reply to: Magical Thinking posted by Stoller on November 27, 1999 at 13:12:08:

: Omitting that the 100 workers would ALSO own a 1% stake / vote in EVERY OTHER CONCERN in society, perhaps 99 other concerns (= 100% stake).

So what? So what exactly? That stake is meaningless in their real lives - where they report to a shapeless mass as boss. So what if they are a miniscule part of their neighbours boss at the same time? It changes nothing for their experience of working, and of being parted from the fruit of their labor by the model socialists themselves use! Your just evading this point by imagining that the above will 'make it all ok'. It does nothing except to diffuse the 'boss' accross every face they see with no one person able to make any diferrence or have any control over their own lives hardly any more than in the harshest criticism of capitalism.

: What the above statement posits is something to the effect of: a brain surgeon spends EVERY WAKING MINUTE..........

It posits no such thing - your ranting to cover your inability to get out of it. Brain surgeons do spend many hours every day thinking and doing brain surgery - for many years. Thats how they learn to do surgery well enough to have a go with real peoples brains. Its a career that takes many straight years, more or less uninterupted.

Best you could hope for is that they spend a few hours sweeping up a week, maybe a week per month, any more and you'll start to compromise their skill and you know it. And that ignores the probability that they may feel as if they deserve more - which no revolutionary party can overcome 'just like that'.

So how EXACTLY do you propose to allow highly specialized skills to be developed by individuals in society without it being a 'privileged' position in your words?

: What a collection of straw men you assembled, Gee.

Don't let reality into your defenses, just keep on believing it BS.

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