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Socialisms Impracticality

Posted by: David ( USA ) on December 01, 1999 at 10:29:43:

As has been stated many times before by Stoller and other socialists on this board (hell, even Marx said it...which may explain why Stoller says it), Socialism/Communism is predicated upon the wealth created by Capitalism. To me (please correct me if I am wrong) this implies that socialism is an innefficient system (i.e. it has to have a helping hand from the wealth of capitalism) and is therefore not productive.

This is the reason (among others) why I think that socialism/communism is immpractical, it cannot provide for itself. It is for this reason why socialism/communism is predicated upon capitalism. Without the wealth to "liberate" from the bourgeois, socialism would go belly up in a short period of time as it's citizens go hungry and die in the "workers paradise."

Even if the revolutionaries timed everything just right so that they insurrected the capitalist government and instituted their own socialist/communist one, things would eventually fall apart. Wealth can not only be created, it can also be destroyed. Even with the industrial and agrarian infrastructure looted from the capitalists, you still require and efficient, productive system to continue to create wealth and prosperity for all.

Quite simply, to maintain and augment prosperity, there must be constant development. Constant development which socialism/communism cannot and has not provided. The wealth you loot will only last you so long, until you are back to square one.

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