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Putting the hubris aside

Posted by: Joel Jacobson ( The Fast Food Syndicate, United Surplus Appropriators (USA) ) on December 02, 1999 at 00:23:47:

In Reply to: Allying yourself with fascists, Frenchy? posted by Farinata on December 01, 1999 at 19:05:03:

All the more odious parts of Frenchy's post aside, scholars both black and white have made forcefully advanced the assertion that S. African blacks were better off under apartheid than under the ANC. You noted that certain "white" parties have attempted to disrupt the election process. The same can be held for the ANC. There are numerous instances where blacks have been "persuaded" to follow the ANC line: blacks oppressing other blacks? Who'd have thunk?

Ken Hamblin, a nationally syndicated black radio host has opined that the surest way to destroy black neighborhoods is to vote in a black mayor. Of course he's not saying that blacks are incapable of governing, but rather the whole superstructure of black intellectual culture is dominated by the lefty culture. This lefty culture is not situated on a racial identity, but follows a salvational-drama archetype seeking a reconciliation of man with man from the current condition of otherness.

I would be glad to elaborate on these points if you have any queries.

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