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with regards to murder

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on December 06, 1999 at 17:48:16:

In Reply to: with regard to parasites posted by septimus on December 06, 1999 at 11:34:26:

: :
: : Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro et al.
: : Get a grip.

: I have a problem understanding how you can make a distinction between the parasitic nature of Gates with that of Castro or Stalin. One distinction which it might be possible to make is that the most successful parasites don't kill their hosts - thereby ruling out most of the people you mention.
: By the way, how on earth do you classify Marx as a parasite? All he did was write a few books. He didn't actually benefit from Marxism or anything.

Castro? 'Killing his host'? Castro may have killed up to 12,000 people in 40 years. His predecessor, a noted US ally named Batista, killed 20,000 in seven years. In that time, the US and its proxy armies have been responsible for the murder of millions of Indonesians, Vietnamese, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, and Timorese. By what logic can Castro be called a killer?

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