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Posted by: Frenchy on December 21, 1999 at 11:11:17:

In Reply to: One last comment posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on December 20, 1999 at 20:44:36:

to repair the robots?

: : : SDF: Bullshit, Frenchy. You just spout lies without the slightest shred of evidence, then when you're questioned about it you glorify your ignorance ("I don't read links"). Vietnam collaborates with Nike to oppress its girls, and people like you endorse it.

: : $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$This is stupid even for you. Your saying, I guess, that females are better off walking in back of a Water Buffalo planting rice? Sitting around hamlets cutting firewood and having children?

: SDF: Rural poverty is relatively benign when compared with urban poverty, yet Frenchy still feels obligated to tell the world's people how to run their lives.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$This, coming from a Socialist/Communist/Liberal/Greenie.
Anyways, urban poverty is the beginning of urban prosperity, assuming free markets exist and that governments exist to protect the rights of individuals.

: : Being sold into prostitution (yeah, I know, that's Cambodia, but I've got a strong suspicion that those cultural practices don't stop at an imaginary line in the jungle).

: SDF: Just because Frenchy is enamored with descriptions of oppression doesn't mean there isn't a better way.
The King of Non Sequiturs strikes!!

: : First you bitch about elites protecting access to skills and professions, then you bitch because elites open up factories in a jungle somewhere and give some people at least an opportunity to gain a skill.

: SDF: Pray tell, what skill do teenage Vietnamese girls learn working for Nike? And how is it useful to them?

Sure; showing up on time for work, working cooperatively, working as part of a team. In short the same skills that pimply faced (sorry all you students out there) teen-agers learn when they work at McDonalds. It's too damn bad they have to work under the watchful eyes of commie wardens though. That's a bummmmmmmmmer.

: : By our standards the girls who work for Nike are getting a raw deal, but not by their standards.

: SDF: So you can tell others what their standards are?

No, idiot. Reread the sentence.

: : The money they earn they can send back to their families, the same as many Mexican migrant farm workers do here.

: SDF: Farm workers here earn somewhere on the order of three dollars an hour. Girls who work for Nike earn 20 CENTS an hour. Nobody sends money home on a job that earns 20 cents an hour.

Depends. If they are charged a nickel a day for room and board they can. Per capita for Viet-Nam is $1,304, approx. $100.00 month.
Ahh, the wonders of Socialism.

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