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You got a nasty debating style, David

Posted by: Stoller on December 22, 1999 at 20:49:38:

In Reply to: Picture a fat german choking on a bratwurst posted by David on December 22, 1999 at 17:23:06:

The 'fascist' smear again...

: Well Barry, by the same standard everyone seems to hold to Frenchy, I would be perfectly right in calling you one. Frenchy posts an article about South Africa that was written by a neo-nazi. All of a sudden Frenchy is a Hitler-Youth Ubermechen neo-nazi.

Have I ever called Frenchy any such thing?

Or do I get lumped in with EVERYONE else to help you spread more empty, malicious rumors about ME?

: Essentially, my reason for calling you a fascist is your justification of heavy-handed rule (dictatorship) and your justification of using force against people who do not submit your your uberplannen (I'm just making up German words now).

Like the FORCE the capitalist minority exercises AGAINST the majority of working people isn't worth your wrath?

Like the minority of voters in a U.S. election are NOT 'forced' to abide by the election's outcome?

Like the 'force' I've been talking about has been ANYTHING more 'sinister' than the power to deny dissidents access to the means of production---the VERY SAME 'force' the capitalists use EVERYDAY to make the majority of workers comply with THEIR work rules?

: However, I do not believe that you are a fascist in the Nazi sense, nor even the Franco sense. The reason for adding the German words up there was that this is probably the only time I'd get to make up German words :)

Nasty debating style, David.

If your going to make ugly faces at me like Gee, you'll have to find someone else to pester.


Won't you set some limits on the name-calling around here? Calling someone a liberal is one thing, but fascist is REALLY beyond the pale (day after day), don't you think?

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