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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, UK ) on December 23, 1999 at 16:17:28:

: No page number, eh? Just like Lark with his Crick quote: you throw off a one-liner and I'm supposed to go fetch it like a good dog to see whether or not YOU yanked it out of context? No thanks, dude, I know Trotsky's thinking well enough, thank you, to know that you are painting an innaccurate picture of the man.

Like I said, the book is one hundred miles away, and I assure you, the line is there: after all, its not far removed from the fact of Lenin's thinking being essentially Jacobin: 'the jacobin nindissolubly linked with the class conscious sections of the working class', IIRC.

I Don't expect you to go looking for it like a good dog, I gave you all teh reference I know, and that is the only way I can ever find the quote, simply look in the index for teh article in question, which is quite short in itself, and you';ll find the quote on teh first page of it, I can't be more explicit if I try.

: Care to come up with a credible citation for that 'piston and plunger' bit? Page number, please...

I'm afraid I can't, I ran across it many years ago, however, I note you don't chalenge me on the point about the indifference of the majority sufficing....

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