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I'm very, very disappointed with that link.

Posted by: Lark on January 10, 19100 at 18:11:39:

In Reply to: Captain posted by Gee on January 10, 19100 at 14:47:56:

I've just read that link and it's definitely not you on form at all.

That page appears to me to be one of those two bit anti-socialist pages that is happy to re-write political spectrum etc. so that socialism is synominous with facism etc. now I thought we where all mature enough to have gotten by this by now and debate.

The fact that hierarchy is not stringently enforced is criticised and then the system is supposedly facist? Contradiction I think.

The fact that wealth creation is seen as synominous with bettering humanity etc. is as you know a debatable point, lots of companies etc. are making wealth out of waste and damage to the environment, the individual and collective physiological and physcological consequences of unemployment, low wages, poverty and competition (every competition has a loser, just ask the 33000 suicide victims in Japan since the Asian Bust, Source:BBC TV) costs of capitalism arent considered at all.

The criticism of the none existance of money etc. is shocking, I no that this guy is possibly very commited to an ideology but would I not be right in saying that capitalists every now and then wish people could be more generous with each other, less selfish and inconsiderate and develope a life unregulated by their employers?

In short I'm sorry you choose to faust this fairly blatant propaganda on us, your posts are generally better than that, while I think your libertarian capitalism is a curious brand of very American Utopia and pre-capitalist anti-fuedalism, which is interesting, I dont think it is excusable to lie and spread scandal about utopias or politics not sung from the same song sheet.

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