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Posted by: Stoller on January 15, 19100 at 11:49:56:

In Reply to: Name calling now. posted by Lark on January 14, 19100 at 11:16:11:

In my recent debates with RD, NJ, and Lark, these gentlemen advocate preindustrial (artisan, peasant) production as a means to mitigate capitalism's horrors.

: OK now I dont know about RD and NJ but I will be requesting chapter and verse of where and how I advocated it, the very words because I never have.

Was I wrong in thinking that you were offering your support to Morris (artisan 'socialism') in this post?

Concurrently, RD and Lark (not NJ) reject my call for job rotation. RD is even on the record as saying that 'a professional porter... is a multi-facetted and skilled task, that engages mind and spirit.' Lark, of course, has had his share of similar bloopers.

: Er...I do reject gunmans socialism, if your going to kill or strave me for non-compliance then your no better than a capitalist, no worse than a capitalist at least they think they are giving you a fair chance to comply and non-compliance is irrational.


Let's get back to job rotation. You've never supported it. You rather defend the social division of labor each time you argue for 'liberty in the workplace.' i.e. each individual does the job(s) they choose.

To argue for individual choice of work---knowing how people invariably will choose skilled work, leaving the unskilled work for 'someone else'---is a bit like arguing for individual choice of whether or not to pollute: the individual choice has its impact on every one else; only collective (read: coercive) action can impact pollution.

The social division of labor you defend---again and again---is, in my opinion, the FUNDAMENTAL BASIS FOR HIERARCHY (read: classes). That's why I say that you wish to retain capitalism's social relations---hence your is a petty-bourgeois 'socialism.'

If you want to support job rotation, acknowledging that it must affect all members of society in order to have its necessary effect (like the pollution example offered above), then I'll retract my previous statements.

Don't forget, it was Plato---who you have also supported---who made famous the whole pernicious social division of labor defense in the first place.

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