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You should know better than that Frenchy.

Posted by: Darcy Carter ( UK ) on January 17, 19100 at 15:30:19:

In Reply to: And life is wonderful for Party members in present day China. posted by Frenchy on January 17, 19100 at 10:42:51:

: ((((((((((((9"Equality". God, that's a scary thought. Equality can only be forced on people. Some people, wheather or not you approve, are better than others while some are not as good as others. Not only that, all those people are better and worse in vastly different areas of life. You may be an excellent scholar while not having any skills as an artist. How do you make a good scholar equal to a bad artist?

---You should know better than that Frenchy. According to the socialist, everyone is equal, becuase to suggest otherwise is to offend the careful poise of political correctness that seems to be so in Vogue with our friends of the left.

---I was recently lambasted on these pages as an eletist (whatever that means it certainly wasn't intended as a compliment), and also an idiot, for daring to suggest that some people have more natural ability than others at certain things.

---Of course, to deny this is to say we all could all win an Olympic gold or have invented the jet engine - it was just our environment/timing that let us down. This may go against all comon sense but hey, why let common sense stand in the way of the way we ought to think?

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