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Common sense ain't what is used to be

Posted by: Anarch on January 18, 19100 at 10:21:33:

In Reply to: You should know better than that Frenchy. posted by Darcy Carter on January 17, 19100 at 15:30:19:

: ---Of course, to deny this is to say we all could all win an Olympic gold or have invented the jet engine - it was just our environment/timing that let us down. This may go against all comon sense but hey, why let common sense stand in the way of the way we ought to think?

Well, of course, not everyone can win a gold medal; there's only one after all. However, I would imagine that under proper circumstances anyone could compete at that level. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford t odedicate their lives to the training required to become world class. So once again we come to the old stumbling of capitalist apologists that you will never know how much the quality of human beings actually varies unless everyone is given equal opportunity in life.

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