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I think you're going overboard here.

Posted by: Nikhil Jaikumar ( DSA, MA, USA ) on January 20, 19100 at 17:55:11:

In Reply to: Your homophobia brings out the worst in me posted by Stoller on January 20, 19100 at 11:32:42:

: Since the gays VOTE on applicants for membership at Twin Oaks, like everyone else, I can assure you that one peep about gays being deviant bastards---and they'd THROW YOU OUT ON YOUR ARSE.

: Get it?

Barry, thanks for the compliment below, and I hope nothing I've said will insult you either. But i do jhave toi say that I think you're going overboard here.

Lark didn't say that homosexuals, per se, are 'deviant bastards'. He said that ANYONE who writes sexual graffiti or has sex in public is a 'deviant bastard', be they hetero- or homo-sexual. And he has a point.

It's not 'homophobic' to say that you personally don't want to be a homoexual, ro that you don't wnat to be directly involved in other people's sex lives. In fact, it is quite normal and rational.

I think Lark would say the same thing about heterosexuals who have sex promiscuously or in public places. In fact, I might agree with him. And I don't think it makes sense to call me homophobic. I have homosexual friends, some of whom act just like anyone else, you could never tell that they were homosexual unles sthey told you.

Let's stop pretending that it's a requirement to be a socialist, also; last I recall, homosexuality was criminalized in socialist states from Zimbabwe to the Soviet Union.

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