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You're kind of right-wing...

Posted by: Farinata ( L'inferno ) on January 25, 19100 at 11:33:12:

In Reply to: You're kind of right. posted by Stuart Gort on January 25, 19100 at 10:34:32:

: Might be worth noting that Keyes has spent almost nothing compared to Forbes and he may take a position ahead of him in the Iowa caucas. Even if he comes in fourth you'll have some explaning to do with respect to your dour assessment of today's politics. I'm sure that Bush will be the Republican nominee and Keyes has no chance in the end but note how awesome is Keyes' vote to dollar ratio. Note also that Forbes has made 37 trips to Iowa this primary and Keyes has made 17. Money buys something for sure but it's the message that motivates voters to the polls.

- nothing to do with the fact that Keyes is the voice of the Christian Coalition?

Keyes won't ever win election for the plain and simple fact that he opposes the single global market and the WTO; as such, the election of Keyes would result in Wall St. becoming a ghost town, ergo he will never be elected.

In this case, I think it's a damn good thing; he's a classic CC drone; right-wing, Catholic, anti-abortion, homophobic and pro-gun. He's better than Pat Buchanan in that he isn't openly racist and religiously intolerant.

On the other hand, he was the mouth for the US's opposition to sanctions on South Africa in the apartheid era. It's particularly ironic that a privileged black American man should be arguing against action to enforce equal rights regardless of race...

His plan in 1995 for reducing the budget was to reduce it anyway and then see what happened; not terribly bright, really. There are few things that can really break a government, but a prolonged general strike is one of them.

: One thing's for sure; Keyes isn't old or new Coke. He's crisp and clean with lot's of caffine.

Rather like those crisp and clean dollar bills he gave to himself during his last campaign; 100,000 of them...(before then denying that that his campaign's $45,000 deficit was anything to do with him)

Give us a break, Stuart; he's a puppet of the idiot wing of American Christianity; no doubt he didn't enjoy Dogma because he thought it to be heretical...

Searching around, we come up with this in his support for boycotting Disney;

"Disney has also been associated with other personalities who have been involved with things like Kevin Smith, for instance, who produced two movies: "Dogma," which attacks Christianity by asserting that Christian beliefs are little more than mythology"

(I'm guessing he didn't even see the film before he made that judgement; in fact, the film was one of the most pro-Christian I've ever seen; it just wasn't particularly pro-orthodoxy.)

Even Frenchy's favourite mob (http://www.freerepublic.org) have some fairly choice things to say about him.

Of course, it might be constructive for a numbskull like Keyes to be elected; he'd promptly declare Fortress USA as his sole concern; the rest of the world 'not his problem' and make North America the most isolated state in the modern world.

At which point, the entire US would discover to what extent they depend on the rest of the world for cheap goods, labour and raw material; prices in shops would soar and Keyes would rapidly become the most unpopular man in the USA; especially among the ethnic minorities, who still form a large section of the underclass.

Vote Keyes in and watch all of the US's movable capital vanish to the EU and Far East...

Keyes; bankrupting the USA for the Christian Coalition.


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