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'Wise as a serpent'

Posted by: Frenchy on January 28, 19100 at 16:04:24:

: : Oh yeah, have I endorsed any EXISTING or PAST system of "communism"? Where? And what did I say about it? : See, Norman, I can post links about everything you said. Can you do the same for my posts?

You've never quoted Lenin or Marx to support your positions?

You've never illustrated your conception of an ideal society with examples including Pygmy tribes and American Indian tribes? If you disavow present and past Communism/Socialism I suppose that means you endorse future Communism, which only proves what Gort said (I think it was Gort...) sometime ago regarding the failure of you guys being able to show actual working models of Communism, other than the models that exist between your ears. Socialism Delenda Est. (That's the Ablative Absolute construction for you Latin fans out there.)

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