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Why I hate the idea of Job Rotation

Posted by: Lark on January 28, 19100 at 17:30:49:

Right it's insinuated time and again that if your not for Job rotation it's because you must be lazy or shy of disagreeable work or whatever.

Here's my take for the no camp.

I've spent 5yrs so far in education and training so I can become a Social Worker of Business man, I dont mind doing 'lesser' tasks but I dont want to have to spend another 5yrs training for them, then after a year find I've got a further 5yrs training again.

I dont want the hassle of being transfered about every time I find a job I like with people I like etc.

Plus I've got a hatred of the sight of blood, I'm ill tempered under stress, I'm not the greatest at not questioning commands, this makes me an unsuitable physician/medical student, police officer or soldier already, now I could go on.

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