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The Job: The best social program around

Posted by: David on January 28, 19100 at 17:33:21:

In Reply to: Then if you understand how terrible it is why do you suggest no one is being exploited? posted by Lark on January 28, 19100 at 16:27:13:

: : Exactly, unfortunately due to my circumstances I cannot legally work in the U.S. because of my being Canadian. So, until I go to college and get a student visa I cannot hold a job. However, once I get my student visa I'll have the option of all the shitwork I can find (especially with the Student Visa, as they limit your choices of jobs, and let me tell you, those choices ain't pretty).

: Then if you understand how terrible it is why do you suggest no one is being exploited? The condition of work in the modern world is pitiful, it isnt work it's servility, even if it is remmunerated close to what it is actually worth, which is very difficult to determine in capitalism as the corporates etc. tend to set it at what suits them not what the worker honestly deserves, it is a pretty nasty business.

It is a nasty business, however, I have faith that conditions will improve. Look at the coal mining of the 1900s...in fact, my great grandfather was sent to work in a coal mine when he was five. The conditions were deplorable. Things have improved greatly since then, and I believe things will continue to improve. Hopefully a lot more shitwork will become automated thus allowing people to take on better more interesting jobs.

: : Then again, however, I do not spend a lot of money, I buy a few books and several CDs a month.

: It's not all money, work can fufil a sense of duty or create a time frame and social network etc. it's so valuable that it should be more to do with free choice, freewill and not manipulation like at present.

That is correct, that is why my parents make me work for the money I recieve, they believe they would be shortchanging me if I weren't given responsibility.
Actually, now that we are on the subject, an interesting quote I heard from my [socialist] uncle was: "The best social program is a good job."

: : : I mean me a white heterosexual Catholic doesnt pretend to understand the plight of coloured people, homosexuals or oppressed non-catholics but can through a common humanity empathise and support their SELF- EMANCIPATION.

: : Yes, but the point is is that you can understand the need for a human, regardless of race, to be free.

: Oh, fully, are you a pro-capitalist? I took you for a pro-capitalist but I may have been wrong.

I fasion myself a pro-constitutionally-limited-democracy-using-a-capitalist-economic-system-with-certain-regulations-to-guard-against-feudalism.

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