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Eyes Wide Shut

Posted by: MDG on January 31, 19100 at 18:17:01:

In Reply to: No, JD, just not phony activism in the service of bourgeois democracy posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on January 31, 19100 at 16:23:38:

[SDF's dogma edited]

: Ctulthu for President: Why settle for the lesser evil?

SDF, your problem is that with your all or nothing worldview, you're willing to sacrifice other people to achieve your ends. There are still real differences between the Democrats and Republicans in every area of politics, even the death penalty, where far more Democratic Congresspeople oppose it than Republicans, even if the Prez candidates don't. Democrats in charge might keep a forest uncut, or raise the minimum wage -- small things, yet important for the forest dwellers in the first case, and poor people in the latter. You may not care about those small improvements, yet the affected parties will, so my advice to you, in all candidness, is to grow up and not be so selfish.

As for choosing lesser evils, I'll give you this hypothetical choice: you can get slapped across the face, or you can have your legs broken; now do you think choosing a lesser evil is irrelevant?

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