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You are seriously suggesting what Marx wrote is not utopian?

Posted by: Piper on February 02, 19100 at 01:41:41:

In Reply to: Tank? Another nasty debating style posted by Stoller on February 01, 19100 at 15:48:51:

: Piper: As opposed to what? A utopia in three volumes delivered on the front of a tank?

: Mmmmmm... that's real subtle. Learn it from Chomsky (Skinner's a Nazi and all that?)

Piper: What i said had no reference to skinner at all. I have however read his book 'beyond freedom and dignity', you know the one that 'some might prefer to see published in 1984'. I wasn't impressed, though i do think that the nazis or any totalitarian regime might regard it as useful.

: : I am fully aware of the consequences of removal of centralisation. The above is compatiable both with precapitalist production techniques (i have some familiarity with indigenous cultures and yes, i do think it a perfectly fine life) as it is with shall we say fully automised production techniques (i believe even marx said something along these lines).

: Grundrisse quotes, anyone? Let's remember when Marx discarded the Grundrisse to write Capital volume one he REMOVED all the magic automation speculation...

: : I meant the above to convey a statement of idea...

: That's why I called it a utopia.

Piper: You are seriously suggesting what Marx wrote is not utopian?

: : (Sorry to disappoint you Mr 'Stoller', and break my 'promise', but if you do insist on answering my posts...)

: I knew you'd break your resolution soon enough. Now---how many posts will it take for you to reach Godwin's Law?

Piper: You Mr Stoller are the one who made me break my resolution just as you are the one who mentioned Hitler and the Nazis.

BTW 'tank' is a reference to your love of violent revolution and authority.

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