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Tank? Another nasty debating style

Posted by: Stoller on February 01, 19100 at 15:48:51:

In Reply to: Why don't you just run me over with your tank posted by Piper on February 01, 19100 at 12:23:19:

Piper: As opposed to what? A utopia in three volumes delivered on the front of a tank?

Mmmmmm... that's real subtle. Learn it from Chomsky (Skinner's a Nazi and all that?)

: I am fully aware of the consequences of removal of centralisation. The above is compatiable both with precapitalist production techniques (i have some familiarity with indigenous cultures and yes, i do think it a perfectly fine life) as it is with shall we say fully automised production techniques (i believe even marx said something along these lines).

Grundrisse quotes, anyone? Let's remember when Marx discarded the Grundrisse to write Capital volume one he REMOVED all the magic automation speculation...

: I meant the above to convey a statement of idea...

That's why I called it a utopia.

: (Sorry to disappoint you Mr 'Stoller', and break my 'promise', but if you do insist on answering my posts...)

I knew you'd break your resolution soon enough. Now---how many posts will it take for you to reach Godwin's Law?

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