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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on February 04, 19100 at 12:49:10:

In Reply to: Chickenshit leader to Pinko central...I repeat. posted by Frenchy on February 04, 19100 at 10:40:58:

: Much as Marx may have explicitly advocated thi idea of democratic workers' government, his own personal style was dictatorial, manipulative, and intolerant.

SDF: Similarly we might argue that although Hitler killed millions, his dietary habits were vegetarian, so he was OK.

: Those who complain that the Soviet Union has betrayed Marx have in mind the intellectual theories rather than the actual behavior of the man.

SDF: Marx's "behavior" is dead, along with his long-composted corpse, but his theories are still in the books. Sowell doesn't seem to have the intellectual caliber to challenge such theories head-on. And neither do you, Norman.

: I don't see anything worth debating here, do either of you?

SDF: Nope.

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