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Goddamn It!

Posted by: MDG on February 04, 19100 at 19:46:26:

The only thing which might make me vote for Gore or Bradley is the damned U.S. Supreme Court. Five out of nine justices are on the verge of leaving. Since being a SC justice is a lifetime appointment, the next President will wield unusually strong powers regarding the shaping of U.S. civil society for the next half century. If the Democratic candidate is even slightly better than the Republican, this slight difference will be magnified by their Supreme Court nominees.

Goddamn it!

It's a long road between now and November 7th, Election Day. If Ralph Nader can manage to get on enough state ballots, and if he can manage to get into the national debates, I might vote for him yet.

What a mess...

P.S. A couple of you have taken to referring to me as "comrade." That's much appreciated, but I prefer "Fearless Leader." As you were.

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