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Posted by: Chuck ( Virginia ) on February 10, 19100 at 16:08:00:

In Reply to: Sycophant (now fat free!) posted by MDG on February 09, 19100 at 11:09:09:

: : I think these liberal locusts can't handle you because you are a damned fine debater.

: Funny how everyone who disagrees with Barry is labelled a "liberal" as if 1) That were true, and 2) That was an insult. Liberalism stands for expanding human freedom and reducing human suffering, and protecting the Earth. Horrid stuff!

More bumper stickers! I get enough of that on my hour-long commute to and from work. Capitalism was founded on liberal principles so you ain't fooling me with your kinder, gentler capitalism.

: :If they only knew how spoiled they sound when they cry foul.

: But Chuckie, we want to be able to disagree with Barrrrryyyyyyyy!

Disagree with him all you want - just don't chirp like a locust when he calls you out on your hypocrisy.


: You don't like the fact that we challenge Frenchy on his support of right-wing dictatorships, or his dismissal of environmental concerns, or his constant reference to conservative writers and their corporate-funded, right-wing think tanks? Are you really Steve Forbes in disguise?

Challenge Frenchy all you want. I call that Barry-avoidance behavior.
Slinging shit at Frenchy is easy. Why don't you debate Barry? You have run away a couple of times now.

: :Don't change a thing Barry - all the flak you are getting means you are right on target.

: By that logic, Dan Quayle deserves to be President.

Now don't go getting your locust wings all tied in a knot. If you were a serious liberal you would be debating Barry, not Frenchy.

McSpotlight: Look, this is personal abuse and contains zero actual debate; this is a debating room; so please do so. Otherwise, future messages will be rejected.

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