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Posted by: MDG on February 10, 19100 at 17:09:04:

In Reply to: What's that buzz? posted by Chuck on February 10, 19100 at 16:08:00:

: : : I think these liberal locusts can't handle you because you are a damned fine debater.

: : Funny how everyone who disagrees with Barry is labelled a "liberal" as if 1) That were true, and 2) That was an insult. Liberalism stands for expanding human freedom and reducing human suffering, and protecting the Earth. Horrid stuff!

: More bumper stickers! I get enough of that on my hour-long commute to and from work. Capitalism was founded on liberal principles so you ain't fooling me with your kinder, gentler capitalism.

Would you prefer the nastier, harsher kind? Moving on: IF liberalism strives to lessen oppression, expand freedom, and protect the environment, why do you oppose it (and please spare me your silly "bumper sticker" rejoinders)?

Secondly, how was capitalism founded on liberal principles? Seems to me it was founded on conservative principles: keeping wealth and power in the hands of the wealthy and powerful.

: : :If they only knew how spoiled they sound when they cry foul.

: : But Chuckie, we want to be able to disagree with Barrrrryyyyyyyy!

: Disagree with him all you want - just don't chirp like a locust when he calls you out on your hypocrisy.

You mean cricket, not locust. Anyway, where is your evidence that my or anyone else's disagreements with Barry are not sincere? Is any disagreement with Marxism (or Trostkyism, or whatever Barry represents) evidence of insincerity to you? If so, why are you even on a debating board? We're here to challenge each other, not march in lockstep.


: : You don't like the fact that we challenge Frenchy on his support of right-wing dictatorships, or his dismissal of environmental concerns, or his constant reference to conservative writers and their corporate-funded, right-wing think tanks? Are you really Steve Forbes in disguise?

: Challenge Frenchy all you want. I call that Barry-avoidance behavior.

Huh? Eh? What? Oh, never mind. I forgot that this is the Barry Stoller board, and we're all here to serve him. Wake up, Chuck, there are plenty of people on this board besides Barry, and they represent different ideologies. Frenchy, for example, approves of American support of bloody right-wing dictators like Pinochet, or fascist groups like CANF, and I will readily challenge him on that. YOU can limit yourself to worshipping at Barry's feet and nipping at his debaters' ankles, but don't expect the rest of us to follow your example.

: Slinging shit at Frenchy is easy.

Why do you say that? Because he says atrocious things? Let's ignore him then and maybe he'll go away or spontaneously join the Green Party. Or maybe if left unchallenged, our silence will equal tacit approval, and the next child who visits this board will see only Frenchy's POV and consider it unchallenged, and hence acceptable.

:Why don't you debate Barry?

Looked around lately? We frequently debate. I even agree with him from time to time.

:You have run away a couple of times now.

Damn that bladder o' mine!

: : :Don't change a thing Barry - all the flak you are getting means you are right on target.

: : By that logic, Dan Quayle deserves to be President.

You haven't responded to this yet. Do you really believe that the more someone is criticized, ergo, the more correct he must be? Vote Quayle -- after all, everyone thinks he's a fool, so he MUST be brilliant!

: Now don't go getting your locust wings all tied in a knot. If you were a serious liberal you would be debating Barry, not Frenchy.

I'm a happy-go-lucky humanistic misanthropic vegan leftist-maybe-
anarchist-maybe socialist-but leaning towards anarchist, and I'll debate whomever I want, whenever I want, you (hmmm, reading footnote below)...thank you very much!

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: McSpotlight: Look, this is personal abuse and contains zero actual debate; this is a debating room; so please do so. Otherwise, future messages will be rejected.

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