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Posted by: Deep Dad Nine on February 15, 19100 at 18:12:47:

In Reply to: EARTH LIBERATION FRONT STRIKES!!!! posted by Garloo on February 15, 19100 at 13:38:14:

Actually, Garloo, most scientists - the ones that aren't paid to say otherwise - believe (understand) that introducing genetically modified organisms into the environment could potentially pose great risks to humanity and could possibly be humanity's final death nell.

Like a typical western thinker you've been bred to believe that only a noisy physical confrontation could be a meaningful one, only when guns are blazing is a war being fought, things exist only to the degree that you can hear them and see them - superficial crap like that. By the same token, if something tastes good and looks normal then it can't be bad for you, right? Especially if some smart LOOKING guy in a white coat says it is - nevermind that he works for Mansanto and is not allowed to have anything other than supportive opinions about GMO's.
No, your too smart for that - YOU saw part of a Pioneer commercial and now you know everything. I guess Europe, Japan, and South America are just chalk full of nothing but complete idiots since they have been fighting tooth and nail to ban genetically modified food imports into their countries because of health concerns. I guess those people just aren't clever enough to transcend their own common sense and stop worrying about how their digestive system is going to interpret a strand of DNA that says its a fish-tomato or a soybean-herbicide. Yum, yum. Looks like billions of people are just waiting for you to shock them with the news that some university scientists (working under big ag company grants) have proved that GMO's pose no risks whatsoever.

Let's get this straight once and for all: Science does not say that GMO's are safe. PRIVATE CAPITAL INTERESTS DO. Real science (and the sense that God gave us) says that the introduction of GMO's into the environment and into our diets is a highly precarious endeavor at best with a high probabilty of disrupting ecosystems and creating potentially lethal strains of toxic allergens.

Petty raids like the one you described MUST occur in facist capitalists states in a desperate attempt to combat the massive amounts of brainwashing their citizenry are emersed in. Apparently, though, this kind of protest backfires for YOU. I guess there's just no f_ckin' hope for countries like the U.S.A. We'll do what we're told even after the ACS has announced that one in every two men in the U.S. will die of cancer. Couldn't be because of the food. Mansanto said it was safe. Couldn't be fossil fuels - we wouldn't dare burn anything that was bad for us. Couldn't be cigarettes - Philip Morris did extensive research. Couldn't be the buildings we live in, the water we drink, or the chemicals we're exposed to - all of these things are thoroughly studied and tested for eternal and absolute safety before even one human being is allowed to come into contact with them. Welp...I guess its just one of those things. Enjoy your cancer.

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