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Posted by: Garloo on February 16, 19100 at 14:20:47:

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A flying contraption?!! Have you gone mad? Wait,wait wait. Your going to inject me with a small amount of a virus in order to protect me from it? It's a mad, mad world Daddio.

I guess it's really your arrogance that drives me crazy if you want to know the truth. To think that you instinctively know more about something than the scientists and doctors that have devoted a lifetime of research to that pursuit is perverse. As I'm sure my faith in them is to you. I'm willing to concede a lack of knowledge to them as it would behoove any reputable, private scientific interest to debunk this research in a large, public forum. None are forthcoming. Furthermore, I'm not surprised that those other countries don't want our products. I would hate to have to compete with them too.

"Sir, can I interest you in a bushel of organically-grown, sustainable-agricultural-plot-produced, ginkgo biloba, fungus-ridden mush pellets?"

"No, I think I'll just have some of that sweet tasting Yankee Corn instead. Thank you."

The solution is rather simple. You don't want, don't buy it. The rest of us might die of cancer as you suggest but it seems unlikely considering the average life-span in the U.S. is at the top of the heap and constantly pushing upward. And it seems increasingly more likely that fear of competition led the people you describe to find the first crack in the armor and cry foul. They have every right.

This is a great quote from your post:

"Petty raids like the one you described MUST occur in facist capitalists states in a desperate attempt to combat the massive amounts of brainwashing their citizenry are emersed in."

Uhhh, dude....You ever been to St. Paul? I didn't think so. You're a bigger joke on yourself than I could ever conceive. I may die of cancer, but a stress-induced heart attack is looming on your horizon. You really need to chill out. You sound like an idiot and I doubt, very highly, that you are.

Additionally, if wishing to debate issues, as opposed to engaging in sophomoric and malicious vandalism is in fact a "western trait" as you describe it, than I have never been so proud. And that's saying a lot.

A note to ELF kids, and a bit of a retraction:
I went back and re-read the post I sent yesterday. I like to keep these posts somewhat amusing but I may have crossed the line a bit there. Don't get me wrong, you should still be ashamed of your views and how you acted on them. But petty name calling is beneath us both, and for that I apologize.

McSpotlight: For the record, the average life expectancy for the US citizen is lower than that of the average European; and only fractionally higher than that of the average Cuban.

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