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6-Step Plan, worst case scenario

Posted by: NJ ( DSA, MA, USA ) on February 22, 19100 at 10:31:36:

This is a six-step plan for achieving socialist, in the worst-case scenario (i.e. assuming that violence may be necessary at the end to achieve socialism in America. It certainly wasn't necessary in some other countries, and it may not be here....)

"When all other means have failed, then is it right to pick up the sword." - a Guru of the Sikhs whose name I don't remember.

1. Win enough epoeple to our side to constitute a clear majority.

2. Demand the reforms that would gradually transform America into a social;ist society (selective nationalization, a small degree of compulsory job rotation, etc.)

3. If these reforms are denied, as they may be, then we have proof that the US system is disobeying the will of the people and ignoring human rights, and we have the right to revolt.

4. Begin peacefully marching on large properties (eg Wall Street) that represent the liefblood of the capitalist system. Also universities, public lands, factories, etc. Attempt to peacefully take them over.

5. If the capitalists begin shooting us down, then we regroup. We make a shadow government, draft shadow l;aws, declarations of human rights, and reforms to the constitution.

6. Swear to commit violence only in self defense, or against those capitalist and government officials who have committed greivous crimes against human decency and morality and by their own crimes have condemned themselves. Swear it again to emphasize how difficult this last step is. Pray to God for forgiveness, and then (reluctantly) pick up the sword.....

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