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Larking about with plans for revolution

Posted by: Lark on February 22, 19100 at 13:02:04:

In Reply to: 6-Step Plan, worst case scenario posted by NJ on February 22, 19100 at 10:31:36:

What do you think of this plan, seeing as this is all a bit utopian because people the world over think that socialist means bolshevik/nazi, also ask yourself the question 19th century revolution or 20th century reform? The anarcho-syndicalists did eventually and they where the guys when it came to militant behaviour, anyway here's my stall:

1) All you need is a program and rifles for a revolution (the Durruti Column in the Spainish Civil War), the program should be unashamed populism, with important measures mixed in (collectivisation, nationalisation, spontaneous usrpations in factories by syndicalists, gradual introduction of self-management, voluntary job rotation and teaching of empowerment in schools and it's introduction as major social policy)

2) There will be no violence because the syndicalist preparation with not just all the services public and private but the police and army aswell will mean that bar a few individual nutbars with rifles and copies of mein Kampf or Friedmann's 'capitalism and freedom' there will be no way to resist.

3) From before the revolution the revolutionary opposition should have established it's executive power (even if this executive power is to be temporary as in an anarchist revolution) as a government in exile and taken appropriate measures on the international field.

4) The national threat of violence dealt with the real concern is that the national capitalists will cry to the international capitalists and the US will get all clumbsily involved with pusedo-humanist rehetoric and fuel bombing, this should have been anticipated in the 'government in exile' phase and appropriate preparations for a ground and foreign war (the use of chemical and bomb weapons in the country of origin of the interventionist forces) should have been made.

Remeber Charlie didnt need Nukes to Kick Unckle Sam Out of the Nam.


P.S. I think that the U.S. Militia movement has the best ideas about staging a national and social take over of a country through a gradual social and cultural coup d'ete, check it out guys I think it's all under the duties of the militia in the community on their web page.

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