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Posted by: H.J. Piper ( Aus ) on February 24, 19100 at 14:04:51:

In Reply to: That's the problem with reforms. posted by David B on February 24, 19100 at 11:56:31:

: :Your 'socialist' party, which criticized the October revolution before 1917 even ended, has had over 70 years to develop a strategy to end capitalism---and writing 'world socialism' on a ballot is the best they've come up with?

: With the amount of misinformation around regarding socialism, and the fact that there are soooooo many "types" of socialists, how the hell could a socialist party gain enough credibility in the US, or most other places for that matter, to be supported by the majority of workers?

: Another problem with reformism is that those reforms rarely last long. As a case in point, in Australia in the 1970's, Gough Whitlam, the then PM brought in free education. About ten years later, The treasurer under the Hawke government (same "socialist" party) obliterated these reforms by introducing a fee system called HECS.

: That's the problem with reforms. It's almost impossible to bring them in, and as soon as they are, they're taken away.

Piper: There is absolutely nothing wrong with that HECS system. You might turn your chagrin to something more useful like the system of full fees that are being mooted by 'greedy greedy gavin brown'.

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