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What ifs.

Posted by: David ( USA ) on February 26, 19100 at 12:54:28:

In Reply to: And 'morality' follows class interests... posted by Stoller on February 25, 19100 at 11:19:01:

: : It is hard to realistically imagine yourself in that sort of era, holding ideas that to us are horrible, but to them was perfectly acceptable. Who knows, perhaps in the future people will look back on us as being absolutely deranged for some of the ideas we hold.

: Keep that in mind the next time you get the urge to start preaching the idea of a universal, ahistorical morality.

If I forget, I am sure you'll remind me ;)

: : What is actually happening now though are lesbians marrying gay men and then pursuing their own love interests for the benefits. Perhaps a solution would be to eliminate benefits altogether.

: What a misanthropic solution!

: Did it ever occur to you that had you been born to a life-long wage-laborer father instead of a capitalist father you might be championing benefits for all workers with the same conviction you presently champion for none?

Yes it has actually. However, what if scenarios are hard to use when refering to yourself. I do not think it is entirely having a capitalist father. For instance, I know very affluent guys who are completely for socialism and increased benefits (don't ask me how they manage to live with themselves).

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