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Posted by: Garloo on March 01, 19100 at 13:27:06:

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: Who is to say that capitalism is working in the U.S? No, we are not forced to eat, but we are given specific times and places to eat. We are not free. We have never been really free. You are forced to work or starve. If you can't tell I am doing a pro-communism report for my debate class : ) I would appreciate your thoughts.

1. Who is to say that Capitalism is working?

How about anyone who knows anything about supply-side economics, infant mortality rates, worldwide standards of living, per capita GDP, technology, entertaiment, science, life expectancy, medicine, average household income, defense, employment, literacy rates, communications, freedom and liberty. The United States remains the land of opportunity and it is a leading figure in all the afformentioned fields thanks to Capitalism.

2. No, we are not forced to eat, but we are given specific times and
places to eat.

I'm not sure where you are going with this but, me personally, I've never been forced to eat at any time other than when I'm hungry. More importantly, there has always been food there for me to eat. When, where and what I choose to eat has always been up to me (childhood aside.) I bet half the population of N. Korea would kill for the kind of meals and freedom of choice you take for granted.

3. You are forced to work or starve.

Well how about a government-planned famon to force the peasants into collective agriculture? Only fifteen million people died when Soviet Russia tried that one. Work or starve under Capitalism...Work AND starve under Communism. Additionally, your contempt for work is appalling. You didn't mention if this was a high school or college level debating class. My hope is that it's a high school class and your childish rejection of work will pass when you find a career you enjoy. Work can be profoundly rewarding, I hope you find such a job.

4. We are not free. We have never been really free.

On what grounds? My guess is that you have never been to a third world country where the rights and conveniences you take for granted are non existent. It can be eye opening. It isn't even fair comparing the freedom and liberty we have in America to the third world.

We have something in America known as the Rule of Law. Not the rule of men, or trend or wimsy. The rule of objectively defined law under which we are all equal. That's freedom. Communism/Socialism would force equality upon you at gun point if necessary. Surely you would be more equal than the men with guns. Force of this kind is illegal under our Capitalist system, the men with guns would go to jail.

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