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what the hell???

Posted by: R. Jenkins ( USA ) on March 22, 1999 at 19:16:37:

In Reply to: Capitalism is not based on Free Association or Free exchange or Freedom posted by Lark on March 22, 1999 at 12:57:56:

: : Where are you getting your example? No country in the world is currently capitalist, and there are no free markets.

: And no country ever will Capitalism is not based on Free Association or Free exchange or Freedom, like youse would all like to believe. It began as a means for the new middle class to make a quick buck survived all previous attempts on it's life by convincing people it's interpretations of human nature etc. where correct, praising greed and utilising a useful "tennis partner" that exploited the good name of socialism to construct a capitalism of it's own.

Capitalism was around long before communism,(Smith was 100 years before Marx) and it always was the opposite of socialism.

: Now that you've told people that "what ever it takes" satisfaction of selfishness is perfectly fine how the hell do you expect them not to go around making statism a norm?

What? Capitalism is the most fair system ever, because everyone has an equal chance to succeed. Even poor kids can go to school and try to learn, so they can probably make it in the market. To legally make your way to wealth is not selfishness, it's human nature.

: :I'll assume(I know:ass-u-me, but I need to tell you something...) that you are talking about the US. The reason that so much effort is used to keep our system in place is because we have tried to create something between capitalism and socialism, and that can never work on it's own.

: It's not something between capitalism and socialism, from what I've seen it's nothing but the old supply side economic monetarism with it's persistant tripartite sub (take from the needy taxpayer, worker, consumer and give to the greedy organised capitalist).

What????? The more money you make, the more money you have to pay the government and the less your tax deduction is. The capitalist class gets punished more than most workers and consumers. I do agree with the fact that taxes are way to high.

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