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Diplomatic Death Squads

Posted by: LARK on April 21, 1999 at 12:52:41:

In Reply to: bang! posted by Copenhagen on April 20, 1999 at 15:26:21:

: Does 'intervention' always require the use of force with extreme prejudice.

I dont think force and extreme prejudice has been used, if it had been we'd have no serbia today, it would have been divided up between it's neighbours and opposition crushed utterly.

:We now have the situation where to save the muslims in kosovo many many serbs who have not been involved in the ethnic cleasing are going to die. What ever happened to DIPLOMACY?

That's a good point but how do you work with a state that sponsers paramilitaries to work in the spirit of Death Squad Diplomacy? How many Kosovos are killed while you talk?

The accuracy of the weapons being used must be considered too, if they so wished indiscriminate bombing could mean that tommorrow there would be no Serbia or Serbian people and no Serbian problem but that is very extreme and contradicts the spirit that brought everyone into the war EG pervention of violence and ethic cleansing.

:War i would have thought should be a last resort, not the first.

It has been the last, dont you remember how the US and Britain dithered to get this merger distance? The boarders filled with refugees, a scorched earth policy was persued by Serbia etc. before it was decided we might bomb them.

: What after all has the bombing achieved? Milo has basically carried out his ethnic cleansing campaign, he has got what he wanted.

Yes, but what are you saying one minute this action it to much the next to little?

:the US millitary machine has bombed and bombed and bombed, but has done little to Milo's millitary capacity.

It has done a lot to his military capacity but not a lot to his troop capacity.

:They have though managed to end a variety of innocent lives (eg the train, the kosovo refugees, how may are going to die as refugees?).

Serbias fault not the allies. Dont try and set blame where it doesnt belong.

: Besides, who knows waht will come next. Will Russia sit idle while those it has close relations with are being destroyed? The conflict in Kosovo has the potential to draw in all of europe and more. Was this even considered before the US decided to start bombing i wonder?

Of course it was and that's why it took them so long to do anything at all. However by channelling albians into macadonia and the impoverished state of albania Milo has succeeded in distablising the region in exactly the fashion the allies where trying to avoid.

As for russias pan-slavic sabre rattling, if the problem had been dealt with immediately with extreme prejudice the ruskies would have been cleaning up afterward.

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