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I think it is in everyones interests to collectivise it

Posted by: Lark on April 26, 1999 at 17:59:33:

In Reply to: feeding and educating my kids is greed posted by Gee on April 26, 1999 at 14:43:55:

: Rational self interest is doing what you believe is in your best interest. As most peoples interests centre around their own life and the welfare of their loved ones (rather than making the purchase of the latest BMW a primary goal), then I suggest 'greed' is indeed good. Irrational could be acts such as taking food from your sons mouth to feed a stranger you dont value, enrolling in a second rate school and spending the 'surplus' on something you dont value etc etc. I think you get the idea - you endeavour to enhance what you value.

Fine no problem there since there is finite land etc. I think it is in everyones interests to collectivise it, rather than let some have lots and lots and lots and others nothing. I'm no the only one thinking this way either...

: Feeling angry today? Its Popular because looking after your interests is the normal behaviour for humans.

No not angry at all, I've been taking head ache tablets and other medication that I maybe shouldnt have mixed, I could have hours to live but I feel great.

Surely your right-wing moaning about the "socialistic" government in the US etc. proves it is unpopular. The collapse of Marxism, which I cheered, was nothing other than the prelude to a collapse of militant ideological liberalism.

: No 'libertarian' economist, psychologist or philosopher has suggested so.

I know, so citizens wage makes work voluntary but it'll still happen for those who choose it.

: : Reasonable, reasonable, I'm in revolt against reason

: Evidently

Read on Gee, I'm joking. Irrationality can be fun though.

: : Before you think you where right about socialism all along I'm joking.

: Thought so!

Aye, I'm sure you did, had you going there!!

: : What you say is true but it has been taken to an extreme by capitalism. Wealth, at least that acquired by the working class, is the result of self-sacrfiice

: People dont sacrifice what they value for what they dont unless they are insance, or working at the behest of state socialism.

Your wrong man, if I could I'd spend all my money on books, beer and all kinds of ill shit, but my insecure job etc. means I've got to save for emergencies. My bank account is a record of books I could have had, beer I could have drank, holidays I could have had etc.

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