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Posted by: Red Deathy ( Socialist Party, Uk ) on May 06, 1999 at 10:19:40:

In Reply to: and more posted by Gee on May 05, 1999 at 18:26:24:

: Same difference. Property right means the right to dispose of property.

Ah, but its not a 'right' to dispose of teh property, its more like a duty of care, it is not a 'right' in teh exclusive sense that it is theirs and theirs alone, it belongs to C2 as much as it belongsa to them.

: Sounds like libertarianism.

Yes, I am a libertarian...

: You mean C1 should be diluted by C2.

No, because the goods C1 has belong equally to C2, if they actually need them, then they should share...

: Disposal is the property right.

But they don't have a property right, they don't have a disposal right, it is not 'theirs' it belongs to both communes., effectively they are not two eperate communes, but part of teh same bigger world commune...

: And ignore them presumably is also an equally valid right of free action.

Indeed, but they shouldn't, and I suspect wouldn't because as a matter of principle all communes are one commune...

: I have specifically described C1 as self sufficient, gaining no material beenfit from the produce of C2.

Doesn't matter, they are both part of teh world economy, teh whole point is that for socialism it must mean a sharing of resources, a single global economy, C1 may be practically self sufficient, but they are still part of the single commune with C2.

: Unless *they dont want to because their interests will be compromised by doing so*. Does C1 have the right to carry on as themselves and not be at the service of C2?

But my whole point is that for it to be socialism they are not seperate communes, C1 does not have exclsuive rights to its resources, its free to do as it pleases. Bear in mind that (since there are only two communes in our world) that if C1 doesn't help C2, they may end up with a immigration crisis (free movement remember) and have to 'dilute' anyway.

At the end of the day, you cundundrum rests on the assumption of two separate economies, the whole point of socialism being that it is one single interactive economy, and tehre is no *exclusive* ownership, nor 'disposal right' all property is world property, C1 belongs as much to C2 as to itself.

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