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Posted by: borg on May 25, 1999 at 14:20:37:

In Reply to: Abundance. posted by Red Deathy on May 24, 1999 at 18:47:37:

: : To abolish capitalism, I think you'll have to abolish
: : the *concept* of property in the minds of the people of
: : a given area. In the uS this would be much more difficult
: : than in most of the other western democrazies where the
: : concept is less liked and adhered to.

: I'll cut a long story short-
: 1:To abolish private property requires co-operativism, not the radical individualism of the Protestant migrante.

I know quite a number of radical individualist atheists.

: 2:Socialism requires abundance, so that non can say they are unduly rewarded- this is what Marx recognised in Capitalism,a nd why he berated Bakunin for thinking communism can be established anywhere where people are repressed- capitalism produces abundance, and that is its crisis, since it is based upon scarcity.

So many "heros", so little time...

: Therein is teh difference, the Pilgrims were working in a position fo extreme scaricity, and an underdevloped means of production- that is why capitalism is *necesary* to make socialism possible.

I would rephrase by saying the free market is necessary to
create the conditions to make socialism possible. State capitalism
will not make it happen. Too many inhibitions on production
in that system.

So, it seems you are ahead of yourself promoting socialism
when the intermediate step is the market.

Unhampered production is the *only* thing that will bring
prices to at or near zero. The open market is the only
non-system that will make it happen. It's a pre-requisite.

Then you will have your socialism and no one will have
to vote on it. It'll just happen.

Let's do it.

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