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Very rational train of thought there young (red) lad.

Posted by: Shannon on May 28, 1999 at 08:01:07:

In Reply to: First the mentality of the youth must change………. posted by V.K. on May 26, 1999 at 19:08:04:

: In my school, I have been called a 'red' or 'communist'

In my school I have been called a 'libertarian' or 'capitalist'.

:but they were said as insults, this is because to many 15/16 year olds a socialists is just as bad a Nazi or Stalinist, many can't differentiate between them.

:irresponsible politicians like Reegan calling USSR 'the evil empire'.

Yes, they only slaughtered 10 million of their own people awhile back, but that doesn't qualify. They would have been an evil empire unless they had a free-market economy.

:The thought that my generation is either so apathetic or brain washed that they can't organise their own life and can't take their planet back is very disturbing.

Interesting. Earlier you said that students mentality needs to be changed, or in other words, there own decisions as to what's right isn't correct, and socialists need to correct it for them. Yet here you say that they can't think for themselves. Very rational train of thought there young (red) lad.

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